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General Myanmar/Burma Ministry

Help two networks of church planters working to reach unreached people groups and empower the poor.

Enter an amount between $1 and $5,000.

It is extremely difficult for foreign missionaries to gain access to Myanmar/Burma. Praise God for pioneering missionaries like Adoniram Judson, who put their lives on the line for the Gospel. Thanks to the groundwork they laid, national Christians were able to pick up the torch when foreign missionaries were forced out of the country in the 1960s.

Many of our church planters come from Buddhist backgrounds; they understand the commitment it takes for a Buddhist in this culture to leave their religion. Myanmar is the only country where HB works in which our partners do not receive consistent monthly support. Church planters work other jobs when they are available, in addition to pastoring several churches and training lay leaders.

For just $75 a month, a pastor and his family can have their daily needs met, enabling them to focus on church planting. We praise God for the sustainable churches that have been established through these men and women! Please pray for them and consider coming alongside them financially.